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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Facts of se7en

  • His hobby is “only music”, which includes his collection of 1,000+ CDs.
  • He taught himself how to dance, 
  •  well-known for breakdancing
  • He’s a REALLY hard worker/perfectionist. 
  • He once had an inferiority complex, and hated his lips (which are a bit larger than most Asians, but most of his fans think they’re sexy. “The bigger the lips, the better the kiss.”  lol)
  • Papa YG is scared of G-Dragon but G-Dragon is scared of Se7en because Se7en was very strict with the trainees.
  • Se7en is the first Korean artist to be promoted in Thailand
  • Se7en has written and composed a few songs on his 3rd and 4th Korean albums.
  • Se7en’s Japan debut was on February 23, 2005 and it only took him about a year to learn Japanese
  • Se7en’s motto: “Always be humble, have the best dreams.”
  • Se7en has one tattoo of a G Clef symbol with wings on his left arm. It means that he wishes to fly to his music.
  • Se7en believes his fans give him luck, so that’s why his fanclub is named Lucky Se7en.
  • Se7en got his name when he was with YG at a restaurant & they noticed there were 7 pieces of radish kimchi on his plate.
  • After watching Rain’s dance on their “battle” Se7en thought: Wow, he’s really the best dancer here.
  • Se7en speaks Japanese and English, fluently.
  • Se7en generally does well in every sport, except Golf. He got annoyed playing poorly on it, that he started practicing 3 years ago. He is now a fan of golf and goes to trips with Han Byul and his friends just to play golf in different courses for his free time.
  • Jay Park’s “New Breed Pt1” title song, “STAR” is inspired by Se7en & Park Han Byul’s love story.
  •  Out of all the guy members of YG Family, Minzy looks up to Se7en the most.
  •  Se7en was supposed to debut with Rain as a duo project between YG & JYP. The project did not push through when both CEOs agreed that they will work effectively as solo artists.
  • G-Dragon fears Se7en more than Yang Hyun Suk.
  • Not even once in the many years of being together, Se7en & Park Han Byul broke up. Thoughts of breaking up came up but they never pushed through it.
  • Se7en does not tolerate lip syncing. He believes that since he is a singer his job is to sing.

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