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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pesta Pantun Integrasi Budaya, UKM

assalamualaikum semua..
maaf sebab lambat or lama x update..
sooo.. ni la kisahnya..

Pesta Pantun Integrasi Budaya di UKM.

UiTM Melaka mendapat jemputan untuk menghantar wakil (pemantun) ke pertandingan Pesta Pantun Integrasi Budaya di UKM.. khabarnya, ini kali pertama pertandingan ini dianjurkan oleh UKM.
disebabkan mendapat jemputan, dan penasihat kami Puan Zuraidah pun ingin menghantar.. jadi kami pon hantarlah..

selain dari pemantun... ade juga beberapa penyokong yang dibawa oleh Puan Zuraidah untuk membuat report dan dokumentasi untuk pertandingan ini.

Pemantun UiTM A
Adzren Adnan
Mohd Khaidir Adzim (Didie)
Alia Balqis

Pemantun UiTM B
Azra Muszaffar

Nurul Ain (baby)
Nur Ain Ariffin

just intro aje... any updates psl ni..
baby akan update nanti on next update yeah..

BabyNurul Ain

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

so.. biasanya valentines ni dikenali hari kekasih..
tapi?? kenapa kne ade 1 special hari eik??
for me.. ari2 ade lah ari kekasih...
hari berkasih sayang...

normally masa valentines ni akan nmpk byk bentuk LOve or heart
bunga ros..
n mcm2 la yang melambangkan cinta..

baby x sambut valentines..
sebab x de boyfie...
so.. pada sapa yang sambut..
epi valentines day.

BabyNurul Ain

Preview: Richie Rich

Richie Rich (sometimes stylized Ri¢hie Ri¢h) is a 1994 American live-action film adaptation of the Harvey Comics comic book character Richie Rich. Directed by Donald Petrie, the film stars Macaulay Culkin as the title character. Edward Herrmann, Michael McShane, Christine Ebersole, Jonathan Hyde, and John Larroquette serve in supporting roles, while Reggie Jackson, Claudia Schiffer and Ben Stein appear in cameo roles. Culkin's younger brother, Rory Culkin, played the part of little Richie. In 1998, it was followed by a direct-to-video sequel, Richie Rich's Christmas Wish. While in theaters, the film was shown with a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon called Chariots of Fur. Richie Rich was Macaulay Culkin's final film as a child actor.

Richard "Richie" Rich Jr. (Macaulay Culkin) is the world's wealthiest kid, the son of an Imagineer worth $70 billion, being raised with anything money can buy, but with only loyal butler Herbert Cadbury (Jonathan Hyde) as a companion, he lacks any friends his own age. But he thinks he might get his chance when, at a dedication to the reopening of the factory of a company his father, Richard Rich, Sr. (Edward Herrmann), recently acquired (intending to modernize the factory and give it away to the workers as a token of goodwill), he encounters a group of sandlot kids playing baseball. Unfortunately, before he is able to talk to them, his too-strict bodyguard, Ferguson (Chelcie Ross), stops him by grabbing Richie's shoulder tightly, but Cadbury saves him, warning Ferguson for being too rough with Richie, and says that if he ever does it again, "it will be he who needs protecting."

Unlike most parents of rich kids in movies, Richie's father, Richard, tries to keep in touch with Richie and spend time with his son whenever he can. He even had the Rich family's head scientist, Professor Keenbean (Michael McShane), invent a machine called the "Dadlink" that pinpoints Richard's location in seconds, so Richie can talk to his dad whenever he's away on business. Meanwhile, the greedy CFO of Rich Industries, Laurence Van Dough (John Larroquette), is planning to take the Rich financial fortune, believed to be stored in the Rich family vault, which Richard had made vague references to, for his own. With the help of Ferguson, they plot to blow up the plane (a Douglas DC-3 christened the Billion Dollar One) carrying the Rich family to England by disguising a bomb among the presents that they were to give to Queen Elizabeth II. Cadbury, seeing Richie's loneliness, makes a suggestion to Richie's mother, Regina (Christine Ebersole), and arranges for Richie to stay home with the sandlot kids for a weekend of fun. The weekend allows Richie to earn the friendship of the sandlot kids.

Thanks to the new invention of Professor Keenbean, a machine that translates smell into sound, the bomb is detected, but Richard is unable to get rid of the bomb before it detonates. The bomb destroys part of the wing tips, sending their plane into the ocean. However, both manage to survive on a lifeboat. Believing that the Rich family are dead, Van Dough assumes the head of the Rich corporation, and proceeds to cut the many charitable contributions the Rich family were known for. This includes closing the recently-reopened United Tool factory, which the parents of the sandlot kids relied upon for their living. This angers Richie, who proceeds to the company headquarters and, as a living Rich family member, assumes the leadership position.

Van Dough, however, saw this as a minor setback: as Richie is still underage, his ability to run the business was limited by the powers to him by someone who was able to give it to him – namely, Cadbury. Cadbury is framed for the Rich family's murder, and the Rich family's other loyal servants are all fired en masse by Van Dough's edict, effectively isolating Richie from the outside world and making him a prisoner within his own home. However, he does get the assistance of Keenbean, who had also been hiding in the Rich house and was distrustful of Van Dough and not willing to let his inventions fall into Van Dough's hands. Keenbean overhears Van Dough and Ferguson plot to have Cadbury murdered and appear to have committed suicide. He manages to sneak Richie out with a plan to break Cadbury escape from prison. After Cadbury gets the supplies, he is attacked by one of Van Dough's henchman; surprisingly, he shows great strength for his appearance, and knocks the goon unconscious. Cadbury then regroups with his new friends, who are willing to assist Richie in whatever it takes to get his home back.

During this time, Richie was left with the Dadlink. However, Richard's receiver was broken in the crash, and, when Richard manages to fix it, the signal that his father is found is intercepted by Ferguson, who disconnects Richie's modem, leaving Richie (remoting in from a friend's terminal) in the dark as to where his parents may be. Assisted by Keenbean, the kids manage to sneak Richie back into his own house, only to discover that the Dadlink shows that Richie's parents are inside the Rich's house. He is shocked to discover that Van Dough had anticipated his own arrival, and had arranged for his parents' rescue. Held at gunpoint, Van Dough forces the Rich family elders to the Rich vault, while Richie and his friends, who were captured by Ferguson's security, are led to one of Keenbean's machines, intending to kill them. Keenbean thwarts Ferguson's plan, and manages to save Richie and his friends. Richie then proceeds to take a bag full of Keenbean's inventions in a bid to save his parents.

Van Dough is eventually led to Mount Richmore, a stone mountain portrait of the Rich family, where the vault is located. There, he is furious upon discovering that the vault holds the Rich family's childhood memories and treasures – nothing that was valuable to him. Demanding an explanation, he finds the Rich family keeps their money in banks, the stock market, and real estate, because they simply did not value money. Desperate to get the money, he attempts to shoot Richard and Regina, only for Richie to interfere. Van Dough attempts to shoot Richie instead, but manages to barely faze him, his clothes having turned bulletproof thanks to one of Keenbean's inventions. The Rich family then takes the opening caused by Keenbean's invention to escape. The chase eventually leads them down the side of the mountain, where they are under further attack by Ferguson and a special rock-blasting laser that had been used to build the mountain vault. Cadbury finally manages to disarm Ferguson and manages to keep the Rich family safe, while Van Dough hangs on for dear life. Although Richard abhors firing staff, he allows Richie to fire Van Dough, who is then subsequently arrested.

Later, as Richie is playing baseball with his new friends on the Rich mansion's yard (with Cadbury as team coach) and hits a home run, Richard and Regina state that Richie now really is the richest boy in the world, as he has found the true treasure in life, the one thing that money can't buy: friends.

>>>>>> CAST <<<<<<<< 

 Macaulay Culkin as Richard "Richie" Rich Jr., a nice young rich boy and the main protagonist.
Mike McShane as Professor Keenbean, an inventor who is very nice.
John Larroquette as Lawrence Van Dough, the main antagonist and the villain. He is the greedy CFO of Rich Inc., but he plots to murder the highest bosses so that he can gain the upper hand. He is loosely based on the comic cousin of Richie.
Edward Herrmann as Richard Rich Sr.
 Christine Ebersole as Regina Rich
 Jonathan Hyde as Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury, the Rich family's trustworthy butler. He is also a friend of Richie.
Chelcie Ross as Ferguson, Richie's rude and tough personal bodyguard. He and other bodyguards join Van Dough to destroy the Rich empire.
Joel Robinson as Omar. Reggie Jackson as Baseball Coach
Mariangela Pino as Diane Pazinski. The mother of Gloria. She starts having a relationship with Cadbury.
Stephi Lineburg as Gloria Pazinski. Richie's girlfriend.
Jonathan Hilario as Pee Wee. One of Gloria's best friends.
 Rory Culkin as Young Richie.
Ben Stein as Economics Teacher.
Claudia Schiffer as Claudia. She makes a cameo as the gym instructor.
BabyNurul Ain

Preview: Man On A Ledge

Man on a Ledge is a 2012 American thriller film directed by Asger Leth, starring Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell and Ed Harris. Filming took place in New York City

In New York City, Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) checks in at the Roosevelt Hotel under the false name of Walker, goes to his hotel room at the top floor, and climbs on the ledge, apparently ready to commit suicide. The crowd below sees him and calls the police. They isolate the area, with Dante Marcus (Titus Welliver) controlling the crowd, while Jack Dougherty (Edward Burns) tries to talk with Nick. However, he says he will only speak to negotiator Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks), who is on a leave of absence after failing to convince a depressed policeman not to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge a month earlier.

Lydia arrives at the hotel room and manages to acquire Nick's fingerprints from a cigarette they share. Dougherty has them analyzed and discovers that Nick is an ex-policeman who was arrested for stealing a $40 million diamond from businessman David Englander (Ed Harris). Nick, however, says he is innocent and reveals that Englander used to employ cops to protect his multi-floor jewelry business. One day, while Nick was on duty, he was knocked unconscious by two men in ski masks and awakened to find out Englander had framed him for stealing the diamond in order to get the insurance money, as he had lost his fortune during the stock market crisis. One week before, Nick escaped after being allowed to attend his father's funeral.

Unbeknownst to the police, Nick is merely distracting them while his brother Joey (Jamie Bell) and Joey's girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) break into Englander's upper floor jewelry vault in the building across the street to steal the diamond and prove Nick's innocence. Meanwhile, Dougherty informs Marcus of Nick's identity, and Marcus orders the security of the jewelry store to check the vault. Although Joey and Angie are able to evade them, they don't find the diamond, which is actually hidden in another safe that they did not know about. They set off the alarms, tricking Englander into retrieving the diamond and returning to his office, where they ambush him and steal the diamond at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Nick's ex-partner, Mike Ackerman (Anthony Mackie), arrives at the hotel with evidence that Nick is planning something and demands to be allowed into the hotel room, but Lydia does not trust him, and Dougherty backs her up. Ackerman claims he has found bomb schematics in Nick's hideout and is convinced that he will detonate an explosive somewhere. While the crowd is evacuated by the anti-bomb squad, Lydia, believing in Nick's innocence, calls Internal Affairs and discovers that three of the cops employed by Englander were suspected of being corrupt: a deceased man called Walker, Ackerman, and Marcus.

Englander calls Marcus, one of the men who helped him frame Nick, and has him capture Joey and Angie, but they have already given the diamond to a hotel concierge that passes it to Nick as he is being chased by the tactical team throughout the hotel. Marcus orders Lydia to be arrested for helping Nick and chases Nick to the roof. Englander brings Joey and Angie, and threatens to throw Joey off the roof if Nick does not give him the diamond. Nick does, and Englander leaves. Meanwhile, Lydia escapes custody, steals a gun, and rushes back to the roof.

There, Marcus holds Joey at gunpoint in order to force Nick to jump off the roof, silencing him, when Ackerman arrives and shoots Marcus. However, Marcus has a bulletproof vest and shoots back at Ackerman, mortally wounding him. Nick rushes to Ackerman's side, and Ackerman apologizes, claiming that, although he helped Englander to fake the diamond's theft, he never expected that Englander would frame Nick. Marcus is preparing to kill Nick when Lydia arrives and shoots him dead.
Nick jumps from the roof onto an air mattress set up earlier by the police, catching up to Englander before he enters in his limo, beats him, and pulls the missing diamond from his pocket, revealing the truth. Englander is arrested, and Nick is proved innocent and released from prison. He meets Joey, Angie, and Lydia at a bar, where he introduces Lydia to the Hotel concierge, who was actually Nick's father in disguise, having faked his death in order to help his son. Joey proposes to Angie with a diamond ring stolen from Englander's vault, and they all celebrate together.

>>>>>>>> CAST <<<<<<<<< 

 Sam Worthington as Nick Cassidy
Elizabeth Banks as Lydia Mercer
Jamie Bell as Joey Cassidy
Anthony Mackie as Mike Ackerman
Génesis Rodríguez as Angela 'Angie' Maria Lopez
Ed Harris as David Englander.
Kyra Sedgwick as Suzie Morales
 Edward Burns as Jack Dougherty
Titus Welliver as Dante Marcus
 William Sadler as Valet

BabyNurul Ain

Monday, 13 February 2012

Baby Dah Bertunang?

hye salam...
ni nak citer ni..
kisah sedih... la kot..

tadi kan.. baby pakai baju kurung moden
kain dia ala gah la jugakk
tapi x de la gah mana sangat..
cuma kain dia renda jeww..

ala2 camni la kot dia kain dia..
tapi... baju dibuat baju kurung moden..
gah sangat ke??
tidak kan???

hurmm.. siyesly..
memang la nampak mcm baju org tunang...
tapi... motifff pakai baju tunang yang sama kain dgn adik n mama
memang tak la..
huu.. ekceli ni baju ni baju raya..
mama belikan kain ni..
n ni buat baju kurung moden utk baby..

hurm.. hari ni.. dak dak kelas dengan bangganya
panggil baby orang yang baru lepas bertunang..
huuu... terima aje laaaa..
nak buat cmne..
x terima pon kne jugak terima...

BabyNurul Ain

Personaliti Mengikut Jenis Darah

Type A
People with blood type A have a deep-rooted strength that helps them stay calm in a crisis when everyone else is panicking. However, they tend to avoid confrontation, and feel very uncomfortable around people. A types are shy and sometimes withdrawn. They seek harmony and are very polite, but all the same feel that they never really fit in with others. A types are very responsible. If there is a job to be done, they prefer to take care of it themselves. These people crave success and are perfectionists. They are also very creative, and the most artistic of all the blood types, most likely because of their sensitivity.

People with blood type A are also likely to be considered classic “type A’s”: stressed and conscientious.

Type B
People with blood type B are the most practical of the blood groups. They are specialists in what they do. When they start a project, they spend extra time understanding and trying to follow directions than others might. When they are doing something, all of their attention is focused on it. They tend to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end, even if it seems impossible. They tend to be less than cooperative, as they like to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are individualists. B type people pay attention to their thoughts a little more than their feelings, and therefore can sometimes seem cold and serious.

People with blood type B are often considered more relaxed, freewheeling, and unconventional than other types, although not necessarily to an unacceptable degree. In anime, the genki, off-the-wall types are type B, along with any kind of well-intended character who’s ruled by their impulses.

Type O
People with blood type O people are outgoing, energetic and social. They are the most flexible of the blood types. They easily start up projects but often have trouble following through because they give up easily. They are flighty and not too dependable. O types always say what’s on their mind. They value the opinion of others and like to be the center of attention. Also, people with O blood are extremely self-confident.

Type O, the most “average” blood type, is considered the best type in Japan.

Type AB
People with blood type AB are hard to categorize. They can have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum at the same time. For instance, they are both shy and outgoing. They easily switch from one opposite to another. AB people are trustworthy and responsible, but can’t handle it when too much is asked of them. They don’t mind doing favors or helping out, as long as its on their own conditions. People with this blood type are interested in art and metaphysics.

AB is considered the worst blood type. In predictability-loving Japan, they’re loose cannons. They also like to set their own conditions and reserve the right to drop out when things don’t meet their expectations. They’re known to be sensitive and considerate—at times—but it just isn’t enough to balance out the flaws in this blood type. For a while, some companies tried dividing their employees into work groups based on blood type, and no one wanted to work with the AB group. Anime villains are likely to be type AB.
BabyNurul Ain

Kelebihan Ayat Kursi

Nabi saw. bersabda, "Apabila kamu masuk ke tempat tidurmu, maka bacalah ayat Kursi 'Allahu La Ilaha Illa Huwal Hayyul Qayyum', sehingga habis ayat ini. Maka sesungguhnya, akan sentiasa ada penjaga dari Allah untuk kamu dan syaitan tidak akan dapat mendekati kamu sehingga pagi". (HR Bukhari)

Nabi saw. bersabda, "Sesiapa membaca ayat kursi setelah setiap solat fardu, tidak ada yang menghalangnya dari masuk syurga selain kematian." (HR ath-Thabrani no.7532 disahihkan oleh al-Albani)

Terjemahan :

Allah, tiada Tuhan melainkan Dia, Yang Tetap hidup, Yang Kekal selama-lamanya mentadbirkan sekelian makhlukNya. Yang tidak mengantukdan tidak tidur. Yang memiliki segala yang ada di langit dan yang ada di bumi. Tiada sesiapa yang dapat memberi pertolongan melainkan dengan izinNya. Yang Mengetahui apa yang ada di hadapan mereka dan apa yang ada di belakang mereka, sedang mereka tidak mengetahui sesuatu pun dari ilmu Allah melainkan apa yang Allah kehendaki (memberitahu kepadanya). Luasnya Kursi Allah (ilmuNya dan kekuasaanNya) meliputi langit dan bumi dan tiadalah menjadi keberatan kepada Allah menjaga serta memelihara keduanya. Dan Dialah Yang Maha Tinggi (darjat kemuliaanNya), lagi Maha Besar (kekuasaanNya). (al-Baqarah ayat 255)

BabyNurul Ain

Dating dengan Incik Car

nak citer ni... jeng jeng jeng..
kisah semalam...

Dating Bersama Dengan Incik Car..

siapa dia?
kenalan baby la..
dari KL
nak kata lama kenal tu tak jugak..
baru je lagi..
kebetulan dia balik melaka..
n dia nak teman baby makan... so.. kami pon berjumpa la

siyesly.. mungkin pelik..
baby x de no fon dia..
kitorang interaksi guna BBM saja..
pelik? tp benar...

so.. baby pon bagi direction ke rumah sewa..
n dia pon datang....
first.... ke Tesco Cheng..
sebab kat situ ade Mc Donald
disebabkan sebelum dia ajak keluar tu baby meroyan nak aiskrim mcd..
sundae chocolate cornetto..
so.. kami pon makan mekdi lunch..

masa on da way tuh..
dia bahan baby..
dia cakap...

" macam x caya je kita duduk dalam 1 kete..
mana taknye.. dulu dok im.. tapi sombong..
tak balas... jwb sepatah...
pastu.. ni skrg duk dlm 1 kete "

siot kan??!!! sempat membahan;..
mana de sombong..
x denye nak feelin@ artis
klu im... mmg kurang skit nak layan.
klu inbox or komen insyaallah balas..
klu x balas tu mksdnye x taw nk jwb ape dah tu..
bajet.. n feelin artis x penah adee pon..

dah order makanan sumer..
hurmm... kitorang pon makan..
sambil tu borak..
baby lak... dok mentekedarah aiskrim..
sekali bila aiskrim dah abis.. n nak makan beger..
baby kenyang.. adeiii.. pelik seeiii peruts ni
nak malukan aku ke hape..
puas gak kne bahan.. hooo..

disebabkan kitorang x de hala tuju..
dia ajak pergi Jusco..
dah sampai jusco...
alahaiiiii.. susah giler nak dapat parking..
apekah.. maksudnyaaaa..
adeiii.. bengang tu x yah cakap la...
puas mata melilau.. huuu...

dah dapat parking.. kitorang pon turun laaa.. berjalan jalan..
dia cakap dia x pernah datang sini..
so... kitorang pon jalan ajeeeeee
pas dah jalan2 tu.. dia ajak tengok wayang..
depan GSC.. kitorang dok telek citer ape yang best..
last2.. " The Man Ledge" menjadi pilihan..
bayar tiket.... pastu ade 1 jam lagi..
kitorang pon jalan2..

nampak bangku.. kitorang pon duduk...
sambil berborakk..
dok citer citer..
pot pet... pot pet..
then.. kitorang masuk dlm wayang..
n waiting for the muvie..
*citer pasal muvie akan diupdate kemudian.*

lepas tgk muvie.. dia antar baby balik..
sebelum balik tu sempat dia fotostat sumthing
dan dia bg pada baby..
ape dia? ade la...

thanx dear... sbb sudi kluar dgn baby..
n care bout me...

BabyNurul Ain

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tanda- Tanda Merajuk

biasa la kan..
x kesah la dengan sapa..
kadang2 ade ketika kita akan tersentap...
bila dah tersentap... mula kita ase nak merajuk..

Ni antara tanda baby tengah merajuk..

# baby memang celotehnya banyak. pot pet pot pet.. mcm2 bende nak cakap.. ade jeee topiknya.. tapi.. dari banyak cakap.. tiba2 diam.. mesti ade yang tak kena.. tu tandanya baby tengah merajuk la tuh..

# baby suka senyum... buat muka2 bajet comel... tapi.. tiba tiba muka ketat or serius.. tu maknanya tengah merajuk.

# orang selalu tegur.. kalau baby merajuk.. baby akan buat muka... x tau la mcm mana.. mungkin muncung ke ape ke... tapi tu la kenyataannye.

# kalau baby merajuk... baby akan ignore orang tu.. lantak la dia buat lawak ke.. ape ke... cakap2 ke.. baby akan malas nak jawab... malas nak layan.. buat dia mcm tak wujud.. mcm invisible..

# klu baby majuk... baby akan buat tak endah.. nak cakap sepatah pon macam susah ajerrr.. huu. tak dapat nak tolong la kalau macam tu..

BabyNurul Ain

Friday, 10 February 2012


siyesly aku kecewa..
sangat sangat kecewa.
kecewa dengan dia..

apa yang menggembirakan seorang perempuan antaranya bila berjumpa dengan pasangannya.
rak kisah la.. jumpa depan ke.. jumpa dalam fb je ke..
at least ade juga masa yang diluangkan bersama..
orang kata.. ade jugak la memori bersama..

tapi.. aku kecewa bila pasangan tu miminta sesuatu yang agak sukar untuk aku penuhi.
"tolong rahsiakan hubungan ni"
aku tersentak.. aku memang kecewa.
apa guna ade teman tetapi tidak boleh mengaku dia milikku
apa guna bercinta sorok -sorok...
dah macam bercinta dengan suami orang.. padahal dia statusnya bujang.

mula-mula aku penuhi sahaja..
mungkin ada kebaikan yang akan menjelma..
tapi.. apa yang aku dapat??
nak mengaku bercinta? dengan siapa?? aku tutup mulut.
mengaku single? dia cemburu pula.
aku serba salah jadinya..

bila lihat kawan-kawan keluar bersama...bergelak ketawa..
aku pula.. sendirian menahan rasa.
aku masih punya keinginan..
bergelak ketawa bersama..
kalau boleh... aku nak 1 dunia tahu dia milik aku.
tapi apakan dayaku... aku tak mampu..

bila aku diganggu lelaki2 miang..
apa yang aku fikirkan.. cuma dia..
menharap dia datang membantu...
tapi.. yang aku dapat cuma amarahnya..
konon aku yang gatal menggoda..

aku kecewa.. aku kecewa dan masih kecewa.
benarkah dia milik aku..
benarkah aku berpasangan dengan dia?
macam-macam perkara yang aku fikirkan...

Ya Allah, kau berikanlah aku petunjuk...
bagi meredakan kegelisahan n persoalan di dalam hati..
kuatkan hambamu menempuh dugaan dan ujian ini.

BabyNurul Ain

[Pose] Couple Shoot

this one...
for couple shoot..
hee.. teringin nak buat...
but x de partner and masa nak try up this style..
so.. pada sesapa yang nak try...
blh la gunakan idea2 ni sebagai reference..

BabyNurul Ain