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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

dikesempatan ni..
baby nak ucapkan..

BabyNurul Ain

Friday, 30 December 2011

[Profile] Solbi

khas dari rancangan We Got Married..
baby cuba tampilkan biography artis yang terlibat..
which mereka ni adalah pasangan yang baby suka n minat...

..:: Sol Bi ::..

Birth name : Kwon Seon Mi
Also known as : Kwon Ji An / Sol Bi
Born : September 30, 1984

A SM trainee before transferring to Trifecta Entertainment, Solbi had been trained by songwriter Kim Se-jin for more than 2 years before debut. However, due to her solo activities, she left Typhoon in 2008.

It is commonly confused that Solbi was born in 1983. This is because there had been a misunderstanding while filing her birth certificate, whereas it officially states that she was born in 1983, while her real birthdate is 1984, which she confirms on a talk show with her mother. Also, her legal name was changed to Kwon Ji Ahn.

A total of 18 tracks make up Typhoon's first album, which was released in 2006. The album ranges from disco, reggae, techno and ballads. Although the trio concentrates on dance music, Typhoon wanted to display their talent by offering a variety of songs on their first album.
On February 1, 2010, Typhoon disbanded after four years. A representative stated that the members will pursue solo careers and other activities.

Aside from her music career, Solbi has also achieved fame as a television host on MBC, in shows such as Sang Sang Plus Season 2 (alongside Lee Hyori and Shin Jung-hwan), as well as Music Core with Big Bang members Seung Ri and Dae Sung from March 2008 to March 2009, later replaced by Tiffany and Yuri of Girls' Generation.

As of February 2008, Solbi was cast in the reality show We Got Married, where celebrities are paired up to live together as newlyweds. Solbi was paired up with Hong Kyeong Min for the Lunar Special episode, but for the rest of the series her partner is Andy of Shinhwa. Through this relationship, she has appeared on other variety shows with Andy's band members Kim Dong Wan, Jun Jin, Shin Hye Sung and Lee Min Woo. She was also cast in MBC mini series 라이프: 특별조사팀 (LIFE: Special Investigation Unit)for seven episodes until she quit due to commitments to We Got Married. Her character, Jung Ju Ri, was written to leave the show because of her upcoming marriage to Andy. Solbi and Andy made their official exit from We Got Married on October 5, 2008.

On June 19, 2008, Solbi released her first solo digital single, titled "Cute Love", the lyrics in which she composed herself. The song is used as Andy and Solbi's theme song for the show.
On July 15, 2008, she recorded a Korean version of "Way Back into Love" from the 2007 movie Music and Lyrics with Kim Jong Wook. Solbi's first mini album titled "Do It, Do It" was released on September 17, 2008. Her second album, titled "French Kiss" will be released on April 16, 2009.

Solbi starred on a show, Love Escort, taking care of a baby for one week. A digital single was released on 9 April 2009, titled "Love Escort" as the show's theme song. Solbi gained popularity through Mnet's Ice Princess, where she undergoes intensive training to become a figure skater. Solbi appeared as one of the main MCs for Infinity Girls Season 2, but stepped down later, citing scheduling conflicts with her upcoming album.


Troika (1st album, 2006)
Lover Reggae Typhoon
Shall We Kiss
From Monday to Saturday
Love Virus
U Ha Ha Ha
Sha La La La

Summer Remix (digital single, 2006)
Remix hits from their first album

Travel (2nd album, 2007)
Only You
I'll Wait
Goodbye( the last single, 2/2010)


Cute Love (Digital Single)
Do It
Always Together
부탁해요 (Please) (narration, with AWESOME!)
Always Together
White Kiss
Love Escort
벌 받을 거야 (Punished)
어쩌죠 (What Should I Do?)

Do It, 2008

BabyNurul Ain

[Profile] Alex Chu

since baby giler tengok rancangan we got married..
so.. baby ase it will be ok to reveal few of peserta dlm program realiti tv tu
them are actually my favourite couple lar kan.

.. :: Alex Chu ::..

Full Name : Chu Hun-gon
Stage Name : Alex Chu
Date of Birth : September 2, 1979

Having immigrated to Canada at a young age with his family, Alex rose to fame upon returning to South Korea as part of the group Clazziquai. The group's popularity skyrocketed after featuring on the soundtrack of hit drama series My Lovely Samsoon. In 2008, the group announced a temporary hiatus, and its members debuted as solo artists, including Alex. In 2009, Clazziquai returned with the release of Mucho Punk.

Alex became part of MBC reality show We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요) and was matched with Korean trot singer Jang Yoon Jeong in the Lunar Special episode, and actress/model Shin Ae for the rest of the series. The show also stars Crown J, Andy of Shinhwa, Seo In Young of Jewelry, Solbi of Typhoon, Saori and Jung Hyung Don. Alex and Shin Ae left the show after Episode 8 for Alex to record his first solo album Vintage Romance. They were replaced by Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 and Hwangbo of Chakra. However, due to popular demand, the couple reunited in Episode 13. Alex and Shin Ae made their exit from the show on November 16, 2008.

Alex debuted in his first drama series "Pasta" as one of the main cast. The drama aired from January 4, 2010 to March 9, 2010 on MBC. In June 2, 2011, Alex releases second solo album titled "Just Like Me".

[2008-06-13] My Vintage Romance
[2011-06-02] Just Like Me

[2008-4-27] 화분, We Got Married OST
[2008-6-29] 그대라면
[2008-9-7] 사랑하오
[2008-11-24] New Ways Always
[2010-3-18] Melody Project part I SweetDream (Andante)
[2010-5-28] Melody Project part II Moderato
[2010] Melody Project part III Allegro

Featured OSTs
Kissing Me, duet with Daniel Henney (featuring Uhm Jung Hwa), Seducing Mr Perfect, 2006
Night Time, Que Sera Sera, 2007
Dance With My Daddy, 200 Pounds Beauty, 2008
나무(Tree), Cinderella's Sister, 2010
되돌릴 수 있다면 (Feat.Jane), Late Autumn, 2011
웃으며 안녕, Romance Town, 2011

Solo, with Dynamic Duo
Harmony, with Free TEMPO
너의 소식 (So Sick), with 비즈니즈
Soul Music, with Viva Soul
Ibyol, Mannam... Gu Jungjomeso, with Epik High
I'll Never Cry, with Park Ki Young
I'll Fly To You, with Lee Ki Chan, also featuring HwaYobi, Byul and Danny Jung
아이처럼, with Kim Dong Ryul
눈부신 날에, with J
각인 (刻人), with Ji Sun of Loveholic
사랑해, with Ji Sun
Butterfly, with Loveholics
Windflower, with Ji Sun
Say I Love You, with J
Love Me After 12AM, with m-flo

TV Drama
Year Title Role TV Network
2007 Finding Love Park Ji Won MBC Every 1
2010 Smile Again (2010) Lee Tae Hoon KBS
Pasta (TV series) Kim San MBC
2011 A Thousand Days' Promise Son Suk Ho SBS

BabyNurul Ain

Selamat Pengantin Baru Shima Bubub

dikesempatan ni.. nak ucapkan..

buat teman baik baby.
yang baru melangsungkan perkahwinannya
25-12-2011 yang lalu..

sowi sgt2 sbb x dpt hadirkan diri..
memang dia ngamok betol masa baby bgtaw baby x dpt nk dtg..
tapi nak buat macam mana..
ade urusan lain..
sowi sayang..

so buat teman tersayang..
semoga berbahagia.. n kekal hingga ke anak cucu..

BabyNurul Ain

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

TraveLog - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Day 3)

27 - 12 - 2011
hari ketika di bumi Vietnam.

suppose ari ni plan nak ke Cuchi Tunnel.
tinggalan sejarah perang gittue
hurm.. entah la.. x pergi lagi kan..
so.. x tahu la ape bentuknye.
tapi mmg ade kaitan dengan perang dulu2.

mama kata... once been here, must go there n see.
but since kitorang lambat... x dapat la nak pi.
ok.. sedih disitu...
tapi dah x de rezeki kan.. hee..
x pe la.. next time kita pi k..

disebabkan plan tu x jadi
kitorang pon pergi la melawat muzium.
kitorang ke Independace Palace n War Museum.

Independance Palace
bangunan sejarah.. yang menceritakan tentang protokol orang atasan Vietnam
macam bilik konferens, bilik kabinet, bilik perjumpaan
termasuklah ruangan peribadi presiden dan bilik kebal bawah tanah.
tapi... x de la presiden yang sambut..
nama pon muzium.
cuma, bangunan ni masih lagi digunakan.
ruangan bukan galeri masih digunakan.

War Museum
its more on replika kapal n peralatan perang.
replika bom n peluru berpandu.
kemudian ade gambar2 pameran mengenai perang.
ade juga penjara n cerita2 mengenai tahanan mereka.

done wif museum.. balik ke hotel kejap..
badan letih.. perut kosong.. kaki lenguh..
so.. rehat kejap.. sambil makan megi..
kami kini penggemar makan hot cup maggi tomyam..
heee.. berebut... hehehe..

lepas makan light2 n rehat..
kitorang ke night market.
mencari beberapa barang kiriman kawan..
n keperluan yang lain..
masing masing dok borong...
ade je barang nak dibeli n kne beli..

lepas puas tawaf.. kitorang pergi makan supper.
Mee Sup Vietnam menjadi pilihan...
sedap... macam makan bakso dengan mee cina.
bukan mee kuning taw,,
sedappp.... nyum nyum..

now balik bilik.... n nk rehat,
esok la pack barang.. nak balik KL suda.
ase mcm nk stay lme2 aje.. heee
* gedix kan.*

p/s: ase nye travel kali ni banyak jalan kaki ke sana n ke sini.. tapi x de lak nampak kurus.. mebi sbab bla time makan bedal x hengat dunia kot... huu :(
p/s: x boleh bukak fb lor... sah ade org majuk sbb try kol kita x dpt.. huu

BabyNurul Ain

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

TraveLog - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Day 2 )

26 - 12 - 2011
Hari kedua kitorang kat Vietnam
btw.. dikesempatan ni nak mengucapkan

Happy Birthday to Luqman (my bro) yang ke 16 tahun.
happy birthday brother..

hari ni kitorang plan berjalan ke Sg, Mekong.
sungai yang paling femes kat sini...
sungai yang terpanjang kat Asia meliputi beberapa buah negara..
mama cakap.. once come here, x sah klu x pergi ke Sg, Mekong..
so, since ni first time baby n adik datang sini..
jalan je la..

perjalanan dari bandar Saigon atau lebih tepat lagi Ben Tahn mengambil masa 2 jam.
kami amik tours yang disediakan oleh orang tempatan.
pakej muslim.. jadi ade lar makanan ketika perjalanan kali ni.
sebelum sampai ke Sg. Mekong, kitorang sempat singgah ke kilang membuat kraftangan.
di tempat kraf ni, mereka tunjukkan cara-cara tuk membuat perhiasan.
ada yang cuma menggunakan ukiran yang diukir di atas papan..
ada yang menggunakan kulit siput..
dan ada yang menggunakan kulit telur itik..
siyesly cantik....

sampai aja di Sg. Mekong,
kitorang pon beli lar tiket untuk naik bot.
1 boat tu hanya tuk kami je..
7 anak beranak, 1 wakil tours n 1 tourist guide.
10 orang 1 kapal termasuk pemandu bot..

kat sg. mekong ni katanya, waktu pagi ada pasar bot.
dimana peniaga membawa bekalan buah buahan dari pulau ke daratan untuk tujuan jual beli.
ok!! kami tk sempat nak tengok bende tu.. heee

so, kami ke Pulau 1.
kat sini kitorang dapat lihat macam mana penduduk tempatan mengkomersialkan penggunaan kelapa.
ada yang uat sabun kelapa dan gula kelapa.
siyesly.. sedap gula dia...
yang sabun tu x dapat nak cuba.. heee..

Pulau 2,
di pulau ni lebih kepada hasil2 madu..
sedap air teh madu dia...
madu + nepolen + limau kasturi + air teh = masyukkk
sedap giler.. adik baby siap bertambah2 lagi..
selain madu, kat pulau ni mereka juga mengkomersialkan buah-buahan.

ketika di Pulau 2, kami sempat lagi makan hidangan tengah hari disitu.
nyamannnn tempat dia.
kenyang makan...
lunch kali ni macam makan nasi ayam cuma ayam ditukar dengan daging salai.
lepas tu dihidangkan dengan buah-buahan..
penuhh sangat.. n sedap!

untuk balik, kami melalui 1 sungai kecil menaiki bot.
dikiri dan kanan penuh dnegan pohon nipah..
macam kat sungai amazon.. kata pemandu pelancong kami.. he he.
kemudian kami bergerak balik ke hotel..

oh ya, masa lepas naik bot...
kira mcm tour boat tu dh tamat..
tiba2 wakil tours ni beli spek mata hitam..
yang peliknya.. dia mcm asyik tenung kita taw.
baby sorang je yang dia tanya nama.. adik bab tak.
dia macam nak ajak berbual..
konon baby stylo sangat la kot..
dengan fesyen udung.. dengan spek mata besar.. nmpk style la baby kan..
tbe2 je dia beli spek mata hitam...
i terasa uols... dia nk nk follow aku ke ape.
nak tackle aku ke ape..
huu... gossippp a pulak kan.. hee..
jom sambung story..

balik je hotel, kami dok la rehat sekejap..
kemudian keluar berjalan sekitar kawasan berdekatan..
sempat jugak baby beli kasut.. hee..
selamber je kan..

kemudian balik n dinner kat bilik..
pesta maggie bersama family.
dah lme x buat esta meggie. huu
dah setel makan, kami ke pasar malam..
nak cari baju kurung..
siyesly mmg banyak design n cantik2
tapi.. bukan baju kurung je ade...
macam-macam ade..

ok la.. penat sangat..
ni je dulu tuk hari ni..
nak tido.. esok nak berjalan lagi..
nite guyz...

BabyNurul Ain

Monday, 26 December 2011

TraveLog - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Day 1)

25 -12-2011 (Day 1)
travel travel travel..
aktiviti ilihan papa n mama
untuk beriadah n berkumpul dengan seisi keluarga.
kli ni destinasi ilihan ialah.
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
mungkin sebab suhunya lbih kurang dengan Malaysia.
almaklum la.. dah biasa cuaca panas..

kami menaiki pesawat Malaysia Airlines. MH 0750
berlepas dari KLIA jam 9 pagi
perjalanan mengambil masa lebih kurang 2 jam.
Vietnam lambat 1 jam 5 minit dari waktu Malaysia.
kat sini mata wang Dhong (Vietnam) & USD (Us Dollar)

masa dalam kapal terbang..
kitorang sempat makan sarapan.
menu : Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang / Roti Canai Kari Lmbu
choice pilihan... nasi lemak!!

set nasi lemak + kek buah + air oren + coklat.
yang menarik... ade ais krim Magnum untuk semua penumpang
yummy !! yummy !!

duduk dlam kapal terbang x de banyak sangat bende yang boleh dibuat.
novel tertinggal kat rumah. *sedih*
so.. bacalah surat khabar (disediakan) dan buku Select
Select = majalah terbitan MAS..
dok belek belek sekali ternampak sesuatu..
dalam playlist lagu Melayu Pilihan.
wah!!! congratsz!!! tahniah kawan-kawanku..
dapat tembus playlist Flight MAS nih

Airport? ok la.. katanya airport baru..
not that bad.. cuma tak de lah besar..
kali ni x de kad visa.
semuanya by electornic..
senang la skit..
cuma xtaw napa kaunter kastam baby pergi tu lembapsss skit berbanding dgn family baby punya kaunter.
arghh!!! carasss ke hape!!
hmm.. adik baby cakap.. " dia nak bermesras tuh"

kami book kat hotel Saigon Pink 2
mama kata hotel jd pilihan rama pengunjung dari Malaysia & Brunei
tapi ape yang agak menyedihkan...
bilik kami telah diambil orang.
papa cakap."Normal la kat sini. walaupon da booking, klu de org nak chek in.. dia main bagi aje"
so, diorang sediakan hote lain buat kami.
x de la jauh sangat..
kami dapat 2 bilik..
well.. keluarga besar.. ok laaa kn..

disebabkan bilik tak siap lagi.
kitorang pon amik keputusan tuk berjalan-jalan.
hotel dengan kedai dah dekat2.
jom kita meronda!!
sebelum meronda, kita pergi makan..
depan hotel Saigon Pink 2 ada kedai halal
kinda boutique & stall
sambil makan blh tengok baju2..
kira mcm 2 in 1 la kan.. huu..
lunch baby ari ni ialah..
nasi + ayam kari + telur + sayur goreng
sangat lazat & kenyang..

once dah kenyang..
boleh lah meronda dengan sesuka hati..
tempat yang pertama kitorang terjah ialah
"Ben Tahn" (pronounce as Ben Tan)
dia macam Central Market.. tapi.. sangat besar.
kedai dia banyak n sempit..

macam-macam ada.. dari baju hinggalah ke jeruk..
barang basah jer x nampak...
kat sini sempat jugak la beli kain tuk buat baju..
heee.. mama punya keje.. katanya nak buat baju raya.
raya lambat lagi? hmm.. i dunno.. layankan aje..

kluar dari ben tahn..
kitorang dok jalan jalan kat kedai2 tepi dia..
siyesly.. mabuk korang tengok..
banyak sangat pilihan..
harga pulak boleh runding..
tahan nafsu sekejap... esok masih ada..

masa ondaway nak balik hotel...
ternampak la Tutti Frutti.
ala.. kedai ice cream... ok fine! Frozen Yogurt tuh.
kami sempat belasah kat sana..
choice x banyak. tapi sbb dah selera..
layankan aje.. huu.
2 mangkuk ice cream..
Baby & Rai = 1 mangkuk
Danial & Luqman = 1 mangkuk.
choice kami sendiri la..
apa yang best sbb bende tu kitorang makan rebut2 adik bradik.
nmpk meriah.. n ase puas ati.. hahaha

dah makan.. kami pon balik ke hotel..
penat... so.. nak rehat kejap...
malam nanti nak keluar..
but since adik baby jenis x mo bangun pulak..
baby kne la stay kat bilik while papa n mama keluar.
*jeles!* but what else i can do..
x dapat nak tengok pasar malam dia..
x pe la.. esok blh terjah lagi...

ok tu aje tuk ari ni.
nak tido dlu.. esok nak ke Mekong Tour ulak..
papa cakap.. datang sini x pergi Mekong x sah..
so.. mencari ape keistimewaan mekong tuh kan...
tunggu coretan hari kedua..
gud nite!! assalamualaikum.

BabyNurul Ain

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Salam Dari Ho Chi Minh

hye guyz, im in Ho Chi Minh City.
kat Vietnam
gonna update from here,
since im here,
nk buat mcm travel log jugek lar kan,
gedix sgt,
lantak la, aku nk jugek buat, hu.

BabyNurul Ain

Eppi Xmas

to all my friends who celebrates it..
Merry Christmass uols...

BabyNurul Ain

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Lirik In The Sky - AfterSchool Red

I don’t wanna love
I don’t wanna love
I don’t wanna love don’t wanna love you again

sirtago hal ttaen eonjego ije wa jakku naege
waeirae baby
ijeul man hamyeon jeonhwal georeo naesogeul dwijibeo nonneunde baby

utgiji mareo yejeonen heundeullyeotjiman
ijeneun dalleo da areo gatgo noljima
eodi hanbeon dugo bwa
neo eobsido jal jinaelkkeoya kkeokkeoya
naege mal geoljima

bamhaneure ee mareul hae ee
neo ttaeme ee jeoldae ulji anha
jeo haneure ee maengsehae ee
du beon dasin neol boji anketdago

nam mollae huljjeok huljjeok huljjeok huljjeok uldaga
na honja ttubeok ttubeok ttubeok gireul geotdaga
ni saenggage tto gapjagi hwak yeol bada
yokhago sipjiman geurae bwatja nae imman apeungeol

neoneun kkok pillyohal ttae man nal chaja ije nae insaengeseo jom ppajyeo
neon ppeonppeonhae geojitmareun tto ppeonhae (so stop that)
sogajuneun geot do han du beon neoreul ijeunjin imi orae jeon
Go your way imma go ma way
Live your life imma live my life

utgiji mareo yejeonen heundeullyeotjiman
ijeneun dalleo da areo gatgo noljima
eodi hanbeon dugo bwa neo eobsido
jal jinaelkkeoya kkeokkeoya naege mal geoljima

bamhaneure ee mareul hae ee
neo ttaeme ee jeoldae ulji anha
jeo haneure ee maengsehae ee
du beon dasin neol boji anketdago

nam mollae huljjeok huljjeok huljjeok huljjeok uldaga
na honja ttubeok ttubeok ttubeok gireul geotdaga
ni saenggage tto gapjagi hwak yeol bada

yokhago sipjiman geurae bwatja nae imman apeungeol
I don’t need you don’t call me boy
I don’t need you so live your life
deo isang apeuji anheul kkeoya

bamhaneure ee mareul hae ee
neo ttaeme ee jeoldae ulji anha
jeo haneure ee maengsehae ee
du beon dasin neol boji anketdago

nam mollae huljjeok huljjeok huljjeok huljjeok uldaga
na honja ttubeok ttubeok ttubeok gireul geotdaga
ni saenggage tto gapjagi hwak yeol bada
yokhago sipjiman geurae bwatja nae imman apeungeol

BabyNurul Ain