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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Preview : The Hobbit

..:: The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey ::.. 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a 2012 fantasy adventure film directed by Peter Jackson. It is the first of a three-part film adaptation of the 1937 novel The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, to be followed by The Desolation of Smaug and There and Back Again, due for theatrical release in 2013 and 2014, respectively. The three films together will act as prequels to Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

The story is set in Middle-earth sixty years before The Lord of the Rings, and portions of the film are adapted from the appendices to Tolkien's The Return of the King novel. An Unexpected Journey tells of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), who is convinced by the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to accompany thirteen dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) on a quest across Middle-earth to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon. The film premiered in New Zealand on 28 November 2012 and was released internationally on 13 December 2012.


On his 111th birthday, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins decides to write down the full story of the adventure he took 60 years prior, for his nephew Frodo. Bilbo writes about how, prior to his own actual involvement, the Dwarf Thrór becomes King of Erebor and brings an era of prosperity to his kin until the arrival of Smaug the dragon. Smaug destroys the nearby town of Dale before driving the Dwarves out of Erebor and taking their hoard of gold. Thrór's grandson, Thorin, sees King Thranduil and his Wood-elves on a nearby hillside and is dismayed to find them taking their leave rather than aiding his people.

Following this, Bilbo is tricked by the wizard, Gandalf the Grey, into hosting a party for a band of Dwarves: Balin, Dwalin, Fili, Kili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and their leader Thorin. The party doubles as Bilbo's recruitment as the Dwarves' "burglar" to help them steal their treasure back from Smaug. Bilbo reluctantly joins the company on their journey to the Lonely Mountain. They travel through the Lone-Lands where Bilbo is told about Thorin's attempt to reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom of Moria. Traveling onward, the group gets captured by Trolls, but Bilbo is able to stall the Trolls from eating them until dawn, when Gandalf saves the company by exposing the Trolls to sunlight, turning them into stone. They search the Trolls' cave and find treasure and Elven blades. Thorin and Gandalf each take an Elf-made blade—Orcrist and Glamdring, respectively—with the latter finding an Elven shortsword, which he gives to Bilbo.

The group then encounter Radagast the Brown, a wizard who lives in Greenwood. He tells them of an encounter at Dol Guldur with a necromancer who has been corrupting the forest with dark magic. The group is then chased by Orcs on Wargs, with Radagast covering their escape. Gandalf leads them through a stone passage to Rivendell as the Wargs and Orcs above are slain by Elven riders led by Lord Elrond. Elrond discloses the map's indication of a secret door that will be visible only on Durin's Day. Gandalf talks with the White Council—Elrond, Galadriel and Saruman the White—about his involvement with the Dwarves, expressing his suspicion that the necromancer Radagast encountered is none other than the Dark Lord Sauron, presenting a Morgul blade Radagast obtained from a Nazgûl as proof. Elrond and Saruman are skeptical, believing Sauron to have been defeated forever, and that this necromancer is not a true threat.

Bilbo and the Dwarves continue towards the Misty Mountains. While passing through the mountains, Bilbo, Gandalf and the Dwarves survive a storm and dueling stone-giants. Whilst taking refuge in a cave, Bilbo is about to quit and go back home but is convinced otherwise by Bofur, who believes in him. Goblins capture the Dwarves and take them to their leader, the Great Goblin. Bilbo becomes separated from the Dwarves and falls into a cave where he encounters Gollum, who accidentally drops a mysterious ring while killing a stray goblin to feed on. Picking up the ring and placing it in his pocket, Bilbo finds himself confronted by Gollum. They play a riddle game, wagering that Bilbo will be shown the way out if he wins, or eaten by Gollum if he loses. After Bilbo wins by asking Gollum what he has in his pocket, Gollum realizes Bilbo has stolen the ring and attacks him. Bilbo discovers that the ring grants him invisibility and evades a furious Gollum, following him to an exit. Bilbo considers killing Gollum, but ultimately spares him out of pity and escapes.

Meanwhile, the Great Goblin reveals to the Dwarves that Azog, an Orc war-chief who beheaded Thrór and lost his forearm to Thorin in battle outside the ancestral Dwarven homeland of Moria, has placed a bounty on Thorin's head. By this time, Gandalf arrives and saves the Dwarves from the Goblins, killing the Great Goblin during their escape. Bilbo finds the exit and rejoins the group, keeping the ring he found secret.

The group is then ambushed by Azog and his hunting party, and take refuge in trees. Thorin charges Azog, but is defeated and knocked to the ground. Bilbo saves Thorin from being decapitated by the Orcs before the group is saved by Eagles, who fly them to safety to the Carrock. Gandalf heals the unconscious Thorin, who acknowledges Bilbo for his bravery. The party see their destination, the Lonely Mountain, in the distance, where Smaug awakens.


  • Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins:
  •  A hobbit hired by the wizard Gandalf to accompany 13 dwarves on a quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon. Peter Jackson said in an interview with NME that Freeman was his only choice to take the role of Bilbo Baggins as he felt that he had the necessary qualities that were needed to play Bilbo.[ Because of prior commitments to Sherlock, Freeman was initially unable to accept the role. However Jackson, because he was set on casting him as the role, reworked his entire shooting schedule to accommodate him.

  • Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey:
  •  A wizard who recruits Bilbo and helps to arrange the quest to reclaim the Dwarves' lost treasure in Erebor. Gandalf was also portrayed by McKellen in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

  • Cate Blanchett as Galadriel:
  •  An Elf and the co-ruler of Lothlórien along with her husband, Lord Celeborn. Galadriel does not appear in the novel The Hobbit. She was also portrayed by Blanchett in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. She herself is a ring bearer, yet does not hold one of such evil and power. Ian McKellen has suggested that Galadriel has, or once had, a romantic relationship with Gandalf.

  • Hugo Weaving as Elrond: 
  • The Elven Lord of Rivendell. Elrond gives shelter to Bilbo's party, after which, presumably, the two become friends. Elrond was also portrayed by Weaving in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

  • Christopher Lee as Saruman the White:
  •  Head of Gandalf's Order of Wizards and the White Council. Saruman was also portrayed by Lee in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. 

  • Sylvester McCoy as Radagast the Brown: 
  • A wizard of Gandalf's Order. During the production of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, McCoy had been contacted about playing the role of Bilbo and was kept in place as a potential Bilbo for six months before Jackson went with Ian Holm. On 23 October 2010 it was announced that he was in negotiations to play a major role as a "wizard", leading to speculation he could appear as Radagast the Brown. This was later confirmed by the actor. He was officially added to the cast on 7 December 2010.

  • Ian Holm as an old Bilbo Baggins:
  •  Bilbo was also portrayed by Holm in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. His scenes take place directly before the events of The Lord of the Rings.

  • Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins:
  •  A hobbit and favourite relative of Bilbo Baggins. His scenes take place shortly before the events of The Lord of the Rings.

  • Andy Serkis as Gollum: 
  • A wretched creature corrupted by the One Ring. Serkis portrayed Gollum through motion capture, as he did in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.Serkis also acted as second unit director of the trilogy.

  • Manu Bennett as Azog the Defiler:
  •  The Orc chieftain of Moria who beheaded King Thrór in the battle of Azanulbizar. He now hunts Thorin and Company, having taken an oath to break the line of Durin. He leads a band of Hunter Orcs and rides a huge white Warg. He is shown as a large pale Orc who, having had his left arm cut off, now wears a metal prosthetic hand and forearm.

  • Lee Pace as Thranduil,
  •  also known as the Elvenking, the ruler of the Woodland Realm of Mirkwood.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch as The Necromancer of Dol Guldur:
  •  A mysterious sorcerer with the ability to summon the spirits of the dead. Cumberbatch provided performance-capture for the character's brief appearance in this film, and will also voice him in the subsequent installments.

  • Barry Humphries as the Great Goblin: 
  • The ruler of the underground caverns of Goblin Town in the Misty Mountains.

  • John Rawls as Yazneg:
  •  An Orc lieutenant and second-in-command of Azog's hunter party.

    The Company of Dwarves
    • Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield: 
    The leader of the Company of Dwarves who have set out to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon. On his casting, Jackson was quoted as saying, "Richard is one of the most exciting and dynamic actors working on screen today and we know he is going to make an amazing Thorin Oakenshield. We cannot wait to start this adventure with him and feel very lucky that one of the most beloved characters in Middle Earth is in such good hands."
    • Graham McTavish as Dwalin: 
    One of the Company of Dwarves that accompanies Bilbo and Thorin on the Quest of Erebor. On his casting, McTavish stated, "I think that I would be very lucky indeed if ever again in my career, I was offered an opportunity that was going to be so iconic in its influence and scale with regards to The Hobbit. I can't think of anything comparable."
    • Ken Stott as Balin: 
    A member of the Company of Dwarves and the brother of Dwalin. He is described in the novel as "always their look-out man." On the casting of Stott, Jackson commented "Fran and I have long been fans of Ken's work and are excited he will be joining us on this journey."
    • Aidan Turner as Kíli:
     One of Thorin's nephews who sets out on the quest of Erebor. On his casting, Jackson stated, "Aidan is a wonderfully gifted young actor who hails from Ireland. I'm sure he will bring enormous heart and humor to the role of Kíli."
    • Dean O'Gorman as Fíli:
     English actor Rob Kazinsky had originally been cast as Kili's brother Fili, but left the film on 24 April 2011 "for personal reasons". Jackson said that he would have time to cast a replacement due to focusing on filming scenes with Bilbo without dwarves. On 30 April 2011, Jackson announced via Facebook that O'Gorman had been hired as Kazinsky's replacement. Jackson stated, "Dean's a terrific Kiwi actor, who I am thrilled to be working with."
    • Mark Hadlow as Dori: 
    A member of the Company of Dwarves. He is described in the novel as "a decent fellow, despite his grumbling," while Thorin described him as being the strongest member of the Company. Hadlow is a long-time collaborator of Jackson's, having previously worked with him on films such as Meet the Feebles and King Kong. On his casting, Jackson said, "I have worked with Mark Hadlow on many projects; he is a fantastic actor. I am thrilled to be working with [him] on these movies.] Hadlow also plays Bert the Stone-troll.
    • Jed Brophy as Nori: 
    A member of the Company of Dwarves and brother of Dori and Ori. Brophy has collaborated with Jackson on several films, including BraindeadHeavenly Creatures, and all three Lord of the Rings films as various creatures.
    • Adam Brown as Ori: 
    A member of the Company of Dwarves. The role will mark Brown's first film appearance. Commenting on Brown's casting, Jackson was quoted as saying, "Adam is a wonderfully expressive actor and has a unique screen presence. I look forward to seeing him bring Ori to life."
    • John Callen as Óin:
    1.  A member of the Company of Dwarves and brother of Glóin. On getting a role in the films, Callen stated, "I did wonder about my casting and how they had made the choice—maybe the long hair and the beard sold it, I thought. But now that has all gone. Given that Óin is almost 200 years old I can presume only that it was the age."[30]
    • Peter Hambleton as Glóin:
     A member of the Company of Dwarves and brother of Óin. He is also the father of Gimli, who was portrayed in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy by actor John Rhys-Davies. Hambleton also plays William the Stone-troll.
    • William Kircher as Bifur:
     One of the twelve companions of Thorin and Bilbo on the Quest of Erebor and the cousin of Bofur and Bombur. The remnant of a goblin-axe in Bifur's forehead renders him incapable of speech, leaving him to communicate via gestures and grunts. Kircher also plays Tom the Stone-troll.
    • James Nesbitt as Bofur:
     One of the Company of Dwarves and the cousin of Bifur and brother of Bombur, he is described as "a disarmingly forthright, funny and occasionally brave Dwarf." On 15 October 2010, Deadline Hollywood reported that Nesbitt was in negotiations for a part in the film.On 1 November 2010, Jackson confirmed that he had been added to the cast.[Jackson was quoted as saying, "James's charm, warmth and wit are legendary as is his range as an actor in both comedic and dramatic roles. We feel very lucky to be able to welcome him as one of our cast."
    • Stephen Hunter as Bombur: 
    Described in the novel as being fat and clumsy, he is the brother of Bofur and the cousin of Bifur. On being cast in the role, Hunter said, "Being cast in The Hobbitis really exciting and really an honour. I auditioned for the original Lord of the Rings way back when I signed with my agent in New Zealand. When I saw the films I thought, 'Man, I so want to do The Hobbit.'"
    The cast also includes: Bret McKenzie as Lindir, an Elf of Rivendell; Kiran Shah as the Goblin scribe, a scribe and messenger for the Great Goblin; Jeffrey Thomas as Thrór, former King of Durin's Folk and grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield and Michael Mizrahi as Thráin II, a Dwarven king and Thorin's father.

    hye uols semua.. sowi baby lambat update pasal preview citer nie..
    sajeee je lelambat update.. 
    sebab tengok post bulan 12 tu macam banyak sesangat..
    so.. kita anjakkan ke 2013..
    rasa new yearnye kan.. hehe..

    ekceli baby tak plan pon nak tengok citer nie..
    sebab baby tau citer nie action movie.. and baby memang kalah dengan citer action cenggini.
    so.. citer nie Mr Batman yang pilih.. baby ikutkan aje.
    and thanks to him.. ade tempat baby nak sorok time terkejuts tu..
    dan tak dinafikan.. suara baby pecah panggung.. 
    dont ask.. imagine jer la yew.. huu.. 

    disebabkan baby TAK tengok citer The Lord of The Rings..
    baby tak faham kesemua plot cerita..
    sebab kisah The Hobbit nie ade kena mengena dengan The Lord of The Rings..
    ape yang sama?? hurm.. later2 baby update bila baby dah tengok citer tu ok~!! hee

    TAPI.. for the first timer yang macam baby yang tetiba tengok citer The Hobbit nie..
    dont worry~!! jangan takut.. sebab korang masih boleh faham jalan cerita nie..
    in fact korang boleh bayangkan macam mana citer The Lord Of The Rings.

    The Hobbit ni adalah penceritaan semula penggembaran Bilbo Baggings dan kumpulan orang kerdil bersama dengan Gandalf si ahli sihir dalam mendapatkan semula tanah jajahan mereka yang dirampas oleh seekor naga yang amat ganas.. citer nie full dengan action.. means lots of suspens scene here..
    kalau tengok 3D memang fantastic baby.. hehe..

    tak rugi tengok citer nie.. fun.. exciting..
    walaupon baby tutup mata banyak kali sebab rasa terkejut yang tak tertanggung..
    baby rasa merah2 jugak tangah Mr Batman.. sebab baby dok genggam kuat2.. hahah..
    oke lar.. kat atas tu ade plot citer nie.. 
    baca.. and korang dapat gambarannya ok..

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