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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fashion Makeover (Part 2)

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Need a new look, but aren't sure where to start? Before a professional stylist starts a makeover, he or she is already armed with basic fashion knowledge.

One of the most important fashion basics to remember is that almost any look is wearable on any figure if you tweak proportions.

Take, for example, cropped pants. On a reed-thin, 5' 10" model they could be a bright print, skin tight and calf-hugging.

On a size 10 woman under 5' 4", cropped pants are going to look better in an elongating solid neutral color like khaki, with a body-skimming fit that ends a few inches above the ankle.

The same style on a size 18 woman who is about 5' 8" can be adjusted to include a slightly looser fit and a bolder feature like a large-scale print on a dark background.


Don't be. Just remember that almost every runway style that you see can be adjusted to work for you, from miniskirts (make yours knee-length with tights if you want more coverage) to ponchos (wear with slim-fitting pants and keep the volume on the poncho to a minimum).

Think about scaling hemlines, layers, fabric weights and colors to work with your figure. It's all about proportion!

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