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Friday, 1 February 2013

My Bias (Part 2)

last time baby dah Update idola Kpop baby part 1..
sebab ade lagi and terlampau panjang pulak..
so.. baby sambung Part yang kedua ok?

..:: 2PM ::..

◕‿◕ Nichkhun ◕‿◕

Name : Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Nickname: Khun
Birth date: June 24th, 1988
Birth place: California, USA
Nationality: Thai, American
Ethnic: Thai, Chinese
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Buddhism
  1. The name “Nichkhun” (It’s actually pronounced like “Nich-Cha-Khun”) was given by his mother. It means “The person who has virtue as a living place” (Having virtue in his heart will keep away darkness, and it will lead to success.) The reason Korean calls him “Nik-Khun” is that a JYPE staff read his English name (Nichkhun) and wrote down in Korean like that.
  2. Nichkhun’s favourite colour is red. He usually wears things that are red. We can also spot him with wristbands, especially a wristband that says “We love the King” (refers to the king of Thailand).
  3. Hates being called pretty and beautiful, and therefore dislikes his baby-like face.
  4. Hates being called pretty and beautiful, and therefore dislikes his baby-like face.
  5. Nichkhun get the nickname king twitter at 2pm

◕‿◕ Taecyeon ◕‿◕

Birth Name: Ok Taec Yeon
Stage Name: Taecyeon
Birthday: December 27, 1988
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of The Group
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christianity

  1.  is human instrument, he can make music from his teeth, by slaping his cheek, or even with his throat
  2. can speak 5 language; Korea, English, Chinese, japanese and Spanyol
  3. Rain admit that OkCat body is the best body among all male idol
  4. even though he barely speak korean, but he told Khun that learning korean is easy
  5. OkCat sometimes scared of Hottest because they sometimes touch his butt when they meet

..:: Beast ::..

◕‿◕ Yoseob ◕‿◕

Name:  (Yang Yoseob)

♡ Height: 170cm

♡ Weight: 56kg 

♡ Birthday: 5th January, 1990

♡ Blood Type: B

  1. Yoseob does unimaginable things when the members are upset. He always cheers them up
  2. Yoseob is the most romantic in the group
  3. “My height is shorter than everyone’s, but my dreams are bigger than everyone’s.”-Yoseob
  4. "I’m always full of charm or cuteness." Yoseob
  5. Yoseob takes red ginseng capsules and uses youngkkaksan powder, which elders often use.

..:: U-Kiss ::..

◕‿◕ Kevin ◕‿◕

real Name: Kevin Woo (케빈) - Woo Sung Hyun (우성현)
Also known as: Smiling angel Kevin
Birth date: November 25, 1991
Physical: Height - 178cm, Weight - 50kg, Blood Type - O
Family: Parents, Older Sister
Specialties: Poppin' Dance, Guitar, Piano, English, Singing
Religion: Christian

  1. Kevin wud bursts into laughters in a little thing/cornyjokes
  2. Kevin loves taking photos
  3. when kevin's watching scary movies,he covers his face
  4. kevin can do poppin' dance, guitar, piano, speak in English and of course ,sing 
  5. Kevin rides public transportation..like subways..to go home and save money

..:: Big Bang ::..

◕‿◕ G-Dragon ◕‿◕

Name: Kwon Ji Yong (권지용)
Date of Birth: August,18,1988
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A

  1. GD has a high self-esteem, he is easy going, talented, and has strong charisma. He also the one who could be relied on; lovable.
  2.  GD could be as hard as he wants; as cool as he wants, depending on his mood. He is the kind of cheerful guy; he could easily calm himself down.
  3. GD also known with the name Iguana Idol, because in a year he could change the color of his hair several times. 
  4. His favorite colors are yellow and white
  5. Although Bigbang has been publicly considered fashionable, especially for GD, he is the one who has the highest sense of fashion among others. GD himself has shown and stated his huge interest in fashion world.

◕‿◕ Daesung ◕‿◕

Birth Name: Kang Dae Sung

Stage Name: D-Lite

Birthday: April 26, 1989

Position: Main Vocalist

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: O

  1. Daesung thinks that he looks good when it gives other people happiness.Especially, when successful, doing his funny jokes on the show.
  2. Relieve stress by laughing / smiling.
  3. Daesung has an obsession and cann’t live without “Doraemon”
  4. According Taeyang, Daesung is full of secrets, even during they live together Taeyang had never seen Daesung to the toilet.
  5. Daesung can do vocal belting. Proven during his performance on Electric Love Tour concert

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