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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tips Kecantikan Dari Hanis Zalikha

First of all, I would like to explain to you that make up is about blending and covering imperfections, and doing surgery to the face without using knife only use concealer and dark tone foundation. And and make up is also about achieving the look you need to carry for certain occasions to suit your outfit. (This is what naughty canvas heard from the teacher)
If you follow the rules, step by step, you can never go wrong. Unless you are colour blind.
1. Cleanse, tone, mosturise. (Pamper skin first before proceeding)
2. Its all about complexion. Foundation (light first, as the base, continue with darker tone for shading) followed by blusher. Dark coloured foundation is your weapon people. This is to replace knife in plastic surgery. You must shade whichever parts you want to cut off. Three main parts Jawline, under cheekbones, and sides of your nose.
3. Blend. You must blend the foundations because you would not want to look like you have one dark line along your jaw, like you have janggut. Tips: You can use eyeliner (but make sure you blend really well) if you dont have darker tone foundation for the shading. Next, apply powder or bronzer powder, your choice, to the whole face. Must blend. Everything must blend.
4. Enhance eyebrows with eyebrow pencil. Tips:Should get darker as the line reaches the end of the brow, not the other way around, to avoid looking fierce.
5. Apply eyeshadows and blend blend blend.

Different colour ideas.
6. Apply eyeliner. Tips: To avoid eyeliner from getting smudge, apply powdery stuff (eg. eyeshadow of the same colour as eyeliner) soon after you apply the eyeliner. If you want bigger eyes, I dont know how to give. But if you want bigger looking eyes, you should draw white eyeliner along the inner part of the bottom eyelid, followed by black eyeliner along the outer part.
7. Mascara. One stroke downwards and the rest are all upwards.
8. Highlight your features that you want to enhance. Highlight it with normal powder highlight or (cheaper) just use concealer. Areas you should highlight: T-zone, under the arch of eyebrows, along nose bridge and tip of your chin. Blend blend blend.
9. Draw out your lips with lipliner followed by lipstick with the shade of your choice and lipgloss. Tips: To avoid leaving your lipstick prints all over the place (coffee mug, your son's cheek, your teeth, some guy's collar), use colourless coating by Lancome, Juicy Coat (not advert).

credit: Hanis Zalikha

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