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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Thousand Kisses

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A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses (Hangul: 천번의 입맞춤; RR: Cheonbeon-ui Immatchum) is a 2011 South Korean television series, starring Seo Young-hee, Ji Hyun-woo, Ryu Jin and Kim So-eun. It explores the question of age differences in romance.


A divorced woman strives for success after experiencing several difficult ordeals. Joo-Young (Seo Yeong-Hee) is an ordinary house wife who takes care of her mother-in-law, husband and son. For her hobby she takes cooking lessons. Her only complaint is that her husband Tae-Kyung (Shim Hyung-Tak) is so busy he can't spend enough time with their family, especially their son Chan-No. Tae-Kyung then promises to take his son to a soccer game. On the day of the soccer game, Tae-Kyung doesn't show up and they can't get in touch with him. While Joo-Young is taking her cooking lessons, Chan-No keeps calling asking her to take him to the soccer game. Joo-Young rushes out of the cooking lessons. While leaving, she bumps into Woo-Bin (Ji Hyun-Woo) who is just walking out of the elevator. Woo-Bin drops a chinaware dish. Later at the office, Woo-Bin, who works as a sports agent, discovers that the chinaware is broken.

Joo-Young is able to make it to the soccer game with her son Chan-No. After the game Joo-Young and her son happen to meet Woo-Bin again and he asks Joo-Young to pay for the broken chinaware from earlier in the day. They exchange phone numbers and go their separate ways.

During this time, Joo-Young's younger sister Joo-Mi (Kim So-Eun) sees her sister's husband Tae-Kyung hug and kiss another woman. Joo-Mi calls her sister and tells her what she saw. That evening Joo-Young confronts her husband about what her sister saw. Tae-Kyung replies that the woman in question is a crazy client and he can't do anything about it. In actuality, Tae-Kyung is having an affair with the woman who is named Joon-Hee (Lee Ja-Young).

One day, Joo-Young runs into Joon-Hee at a coffee shop. Joon-Hee confesses to her that she is having an affair with her husband. Joo-Young becomes numb. During this time, Woo-Bin calls Joo-Young to have a meeting about the broken chinaware and also an autograph of a famous soccer player he promised to give to her son. Woo-Bin senses something is wrong with Joo-Young.

Meanwhile, younger sister Joo-Mi bumps into a man named Woo-Jin (Ryu Jin) while jogging. Since that moment Joo-Mi can't forget Woo-Jin. One day, Joo-Mi meets Woo-Jin again at a coffee shop. Joo-Mi is thrilled to see him again and she goes up to him to say hi, but Woo-Jin is cold to her. Woo-Jin happens to be cousins with sports agent Woo-Bin.


A Thousand Kisses-Seo Young-Hee 1.jpgA Thousand Kisses-Ji Hyun-Woo.jpgA Thousand Kisses-Ryu Jin.jpgA Thousand Kisses-Kim So-Eun.jpg
Seo Yeong-HeeJi Hyun-WooRyu JinKim So-Eun
Woo Joo-YoungJang Woo-BinJang Woo-JinWoo Joo-Mi
A Thousand Kisses-Kim Chang-Suk.jpgA Thousand Kisses-Jung Ga-Eun (1978).jpgA Thousand Kisses-Lee Soon-Jae.jpgA Thousand Kisses-Cha Hwa-Yeon.jpgA Thousand Kisses-Shim Hyung-Tak.jpg
Kim Chang-SukJung Ka-EunLee Soon-JaeCha Hwa-YeonShim Hyung-Tak
Min Ae-JaJang Hye-BinJang Byung-DooYoo Ji-SunPark Tae-Kyung
A Thousand Kisses-Jeong Jae-Sun.jpgA Thousand Kisses-Goo Seung-Hyun.jpgA Thousand Kisses (Korean Drama)-Lee Ja-Young.jpgA Thousand Kisses (Korean Drama)-Ban Hyo-Jeong.jpgA Thousand Kisses (Korean Drama)-Lee Mi-Young.jpg
Jeong Jae-SunGoo Seung-HyunLee Ja-YoungBan Hyo-JungLee Mi-Young
Yum Jung-SoonPark Chan-NoYang Joon-HeeCha Kyung-SoonOh Bok-Joo
A Thousand Kisses (Korean Drama)-Kim Chang-Wan.jpgA Thousand Kisses (Korean Drama)-Nam Ji-Hyun.jpgA Thousand Kisses (Korean Drama)-Lee Hwa-Sun.jpg
Kim Chang-WanNam Ji-HyunLee Hwa-Sun
Jang Byung-SikJang Soo-AhCha Myung-Hee

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